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Metamorphosis is  fabulous!

I am very proud to be a WA State Certified Reflexologist (#RF60524487), trained at Seattle Reflexology and Massage Center in 2014, with over 300 hours of initial training in classic reflexology and anatomy, 100's of hours of post graduate study in Meridian reflexology, Ayurvedic reflexology, Vertical reflexology, Metamorphosis, Nerve reflexology, Fertility and Maternity reflexology, and Lymphatic Drainage reflexology, and thousands of hours of practical experience. I love being able to help people in this powerful way. I have had great success in helping people reduce their stress, and helping bodies deal with restless leg syndrome, fibromyalgia, lupus, MS, all kinds of joint and back pain, headaches, sinus issues, lung issues, foot pain, plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, neuromas, constipation, sleep issues, allergies, lymphedema, fertility issues, effects of chemo, circulation problems, long-Covid symptoms, and more.

Whether you suffer from physical aches and pains, or just need some stress reduction and deep, profound relaxation, reflexology is the perfect way to help!

I specialize in helping your body relieve all its stress and get back to wellness through your feet!

Make time for wellness or you'll be forced to take time for illness!


                                                ***BY APPOINTMENT ONLY***


15503 SE 178th PL~ Renton (Fairwood area) ~

Wednesdays, Fridays (12pm-7pm) & Sundays: (12pm - 5pm)

12729 Northup Way, Suite #29 (Inside Atena Wellness) - Bellevue 

 Tuesdays & Thursdays (12pm-7pm) and Saturdays: (12pm - 5pm)

206-214-7983 (text or call)


“I fall asleep regularly during the session and I feel relaxed and so well afterwards. The atmosphere of the room is great, the bed comfortable and heated. I really appreciate my visits to Cindy. She is super!” ~ Annie J.

"My heel pain is so much better and after only one session! I can't wait until my next appointment!" ~ Joan S.

"My wife and I visited Cindy for a Reflexology session and I must say Cindy is Awesome! My wife has very sensitive feet (from many surgeries) and Cindy provided my wife a most relaxing and healthful Reflexology session ever! Both my wife and myself commented even the next day how well our feet felt and in fact entire body responded to the session. I highly recommend Cindy! " ~ Randy H.

"I had never done Reflexology before. Cindy is amazing. She explained everything and checked to make sure I liked the pressure. My back and feet were killing me when I came to see her and by the end it was gone! It was so nice to relax and de-stress! I recommend this to any and everyone. You deserve to relax and refresh! Go see Cindy - you will love her and your body will thank you." ~ Joy R.

"Hi Cindy! Your reflexology sessions are heavenly! I can't wait for my next session!" ~ Carol S.

"Cindy is AMAZING! Her knowledge of Reflexology and her application and techniques are absolutely outstanding. She has a wonderful, quiet, relaxing atmosphere where you can thoroughly enjoy every moment from the time you arrive. She pinpoints the exact areas to assist in your overall natural healing. My knee and my hip feel terrific after having her work on my feet! I highly recommend Cindy and will return to her over and over! I recommend her to all of my Clients and Colleagues!." ~ Robin R.

"I've never had reflexology before and I was absolutely dumbfounded at the end of the treatment. I felt like I'd had a whole body massage, but she only touched my feet! I can't get over it!" ~ Carol P.

"The experience was so relaxing...I could have laid there all day :)" ~ Laura H.

"Cindy did a marvelous job dealing with pain from a pinched nerve. I could feel my body getting more relaxed as she worked. I would definitely recommend her..." ~ Natalie S.

"I must say I fell asleep during the session (which I never do), but I was so relaxed by the session that I had no trouble. I woke up feeling refreshed and free of a lot of my tension. Well worth the money." ~ Brenna D.

"That treatment (Ayurvedic Session) has pretty much relieved my numbness and tingling in my toes on both feet. It's amazing how much improved they are just from when I went to when I'm going home." ~ Arlene B.

" The feeling in my feet come back a little more after each session!" ~ Cary T.

Cindy is professional and knows her stuff. It was a really relaxing and soothing time. It helped my stress a lot. Thanks, Cindy! :) ~ Peg L.

"The most absolute exquisite relaxation treatment in the world. I look forward to each magical visit. Highly recommend." ~ Christine C.

"You create such a nice quiet and stress's very easy to relax." ~ Terry C.

"You have magic, healing hands." ~ Many clients

"That was amazing!!" ~ Every new client

Member of:

Washington Reflexology Association

Reflexology Association of America

Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals

There are two kinds of people. 

Those that love reflexology and

those that haven't tried it yet.

Certified Reflexologist Cindy

Hi, I'm Cindy Moore,

WA State Cert​ified Reflexologist and

Reiki Master



Reflexology is a form of relaxing bodywork that can address almost any issue anywhere in the body merely by applying alternating pressure to the feet, hands or ears. It does not hurt and it is not ticklish. (If you've been to a 'foot spa' place and have been hurt or bruised and are therefore afraid to try REAL reflexology, you owe yourself the truth...come and have a relaxing session the way it's meant to be!) The body is sent into complete relaxation which helps it repair and re-balance itself.

Reflexology is perfect for anyone who wants bodywork without disrobing. You also leave without 'cradle face' or messed up, oily hair and can step right back into your day if need be.

Reflexology is so beneficial that you should do it as often as you can!

About your session:

Make sure you wear pants that can roll up to mid-calf because your session will begin with a hot towel wash after getting you comfortable on the table. The session will be tailored to your specific needs for that day, drawing upon my training in Classic Reflexology, Vertical Reflex Therapy, Meridian Reflexology, RLD, Ayurvedic Reflexology, and Metamorphosis. . A hot towel wrap will end your total relaxation experience.

Reflexology is not a deep tissue massage. 

 Reflexology is not massage at all. It is a series of precise moves with varying degrees of pressure depending on what body system reflexes are being worked on. Some system reflexes require a very light touch and some system reflexes can take more pressure. I apply the amount of pressure needed for the reflexes I am working on at the time. Therefore part of your session will have a heavier pressure and some will have a lighter pressure. If your feet are heavily calloused, I will never be able to apply enough pressure for you, but the nerve endings are still getting what they need. It is actually the size of the nerve, not the amount of pressure used. The whole point of reflexology is to put the entire body into complete relaxation so it can repair what it needs to repair. So just take a deep breath and melt into the experience!


Ayurvedic Reflexology

Ayurvedic Reflexology is done with quicker gliding movements and also utilizes the Marma points which are points of the vital life force. It really wakes your feet up and is good for neuropathy! I add Ayurvedic techniques to classic reflexology sessions as needed.



Metamorphosis addresses unconscious patterns of tension that create mental, emotional, physical and behavioral disturbances. As these patterns let go, you experience greater well-being. If you feel like you could be 'more', can't break patterns you wish you could, are suffering from depression, want to lose weight, or need clarity in your life, then you must give this a try!

About your session:

You will be fully clothed, on the table, as I work only the spinal reflex of each foot. It is extremely relaxing, gentle, soothing and transformative!

A Metamorphosis series (6 sessions) need only be done once or twice a year at most.


Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphedema is defined as tissue swelling due to the failure of lymph drainage. It's common after breast cancer and other surgeries, and sometimes comes with autoimmune diseases as well. This technique can show measurable results after the first session!

About your session:

It is a specialized reflexology routine done as a regular reflexology session (above).

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